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L-Theanine – What it is and how to use it

L-Theanine is amino acid and glutamic acid analog and becoming an increasingly popular supplement due to some of its unique and almost incredible properties. L-Theanine can cross the blood brain barrier and hence has psychoactive properties. It is derived from tea leaves. Green tea have the greatest concentration of L-Theanine. Most common effects of L-Theanine are to improve mood, reduce stress and help focus especially when is working with caffeine. Moreover, peple taking Theanine also showed improved alpha wave functionality, the activity present when you are alert but not stressed and for most people the most desirable awake state. Unlike many other drugs, where research is still in its minority, there is a large base of researches done by the Japanese to indicate that Theanine is not only effective but it’s also safe. Japan approved Theanine as a universally safe supplement as early as 1964 and permitted unrestricted amounts in all foods except those for infants.

L-Theanine is known as a relaxant for the brain, but it also has some other very attractive properties. It has been found that theanine increased dopamine in humans. Dopamine is the naturally occurring chemical in the brain, which is exempt during joyful activities such as eating, sex and for some…chocolate. Dopamine produces a sense of well being. Other research indicates that L-Theanine benefits include that it plays a role in helping reduce cholesterol and also may improve the efficacy of cancer treatments by decreasing the amount of cancer drug in healthy cells while focusing the drug on cancerous cells. The relaxing profits of L-Theanine were also proved.

There aren’t any side effects reported from taking L-theanine. However, in general may cause upset stomach, irritability, and nausea due to the tea’s caffeine content. Also, do not take L-theanine if undergoing chemotherapy or are taking lipid-lowering medicines or sedatives, since L-theanine may alter the effects of these drugs.

A safe l-theanine dosage to start with is 100mgs. If you want to include the caffeine, 50mgs of caffeine will be effective. L-theanine is an extremely safe amino acid, making it safe to play around with dosages. If you don’t feel anything off of 100mgs, you may bump it up to 200mgs the next day. For the caffeine, you may keep it at 50mgs. Do not take caffeine later in the day if you have problems sleeping. It is recommended to stop the caffeine in the early afternoon to prevent insomnia.


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